NVIDIA Shield 2017 is a mix of old and new

A lot of people were very happy with their NVIDIA Shield and the announcement of a new device was welcomed with open arms. For those that didn’t get a chance to check out everything that was showcased at CES 2017, NVIDIA will be releasing a new TV console running Android TV. The device in question is of course an NVIDIA Shield device which promises more features and more functionalities.

Some folks might get a bit confused since the previous device was also called NVIDIA Shield. To clear the air, we’re talking about a 2017 device which will also be released under the NVIDIA Shield branding. This device has several differentiating factors that kick in to justify swapping the old device for the new one.

One of the first things that you’ll notice is the fact that the new model is significantly lighter and smaller. It’s made out of plastic and has left behind the metallic finishes of its predecessor. The same thing goes for the controller. In comparison with the original Shield controller, the new one will feel smaller. Speaking of the controller, NVIDIA’s approach for the updated model features an interesting design and a much more gaming-centric feel to it, making it much more viable for playing long sessions than its predecessor.

Moving down to specs, there’s nothing really flashy to see. Some people might be disappointed and/or confused by NVIDIA decision of using the same processing unit for the new model as they did for the old one. This decision surely comes as a surprise, but it’s most likely the results of the company not having any viable alternative solution. There must’ve been no updated processor model in the works therefore nothing new to put into the device which comes with a Tegra X1 chip.

Regardless however, NVIDIA’s new Shield will be able to triple the performance of its competitors, according to reliable sources.

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