Blackberry sues Typo; a company that makes hard-keyboards for the iPhone

Just to get a little publicity out there first, Typo is company that makes iPhone cases, which have a hardware keyboard on them. The concept is quite nice for those who feel they are more comfortable using a hardware keyboard, but would like to continue using the iPhone.

These cases have been designed for the iPhone 5 and 5s, and apart from a relatively sleek design it also offers more screen space. It does not block the functionality of the phone in any way either.

This keyboard however shows a resemblance to those on the iconic Blackberry phones, and this is the main reason for the lawsuit. The BlackBerry keyboard design is patented and has gained some global goodwill over time.

Their main claim against Typo is that they plan to bank on the design for the sale of their product, and that they have blatantly copied this particular design.

Imitation maybe the highest form of flattery, however it seldom pays that which is being imitated. BlackBerry is falling, and this looks like a desperation toss. And from the looks of it, it isn’t doing wonders for its PR either.

Source: PCWorld

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